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Nicola Kuter, PhD


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The following individuals are specifically JMIR Research Protocols Editorial Board members:


Filip Drozd, PhD

Senior Researcher, National Network for Infant Mental Health, Regional Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Norway

Research Focus

Filip Drozd's research focus includes infant, child, and family mental health, implementation research, study protocols of RCTs, and evaluation of health information system.


Dr. Drozd is concernd with the translation of research into practice, and the use of technology and research methods to work systematically for safer and more effective health and social services for infants, children, and their families.



Peter Giacobbi Jr, PhD

Associate Professor, West Virginia University, USA

Research Focus

Peter Giacobbi Jr's research focus includes complementary and alternative medicine, behavioral medicine, and public health surveillance.


Dr. Giacobbi's work has focused primarily on behavioral interventions designed to increase exercise behavior. More recently, he has focused on multi-behavior interventions intended to simultaneously address multiple chronic disease risk factors.



Ciska Hoving, PhD

Assistant Professor, Health Communication in Health Care, Maastricht University, Netherlands

Research Focus

Ciska Hoving's research focuses on the systematic development and testing of online lifestyle interventions and decision aids to be implemented in healthcare settings.


Dr. Hoving is an assistant professor of Health Communication in Healthcare Settings, aiming to conduct interdisciplinary research to support patients and health professionals to improve communication and self-management.



Ashish Joshi, PhD, MBBS, MPH

Associate Dean, School of Public Health, City University of New York (CUNY), USA

Research Focus

Ashish Joshi's focus includes human-centered design and development of health technology interventions, mHealth, population health dashboards, personalized health records, and health technology innovations.


Dr. Joshi is an applied population health informatics researcher of over a decade. His academic background in clinical medicine, public health, and health informatics provides him with a unique combination to connect these 3 disciplines. He has applied mobile and Internet-enabled multifaceted health technology interventions and innovations by translating research into practice in several global settings including India, the USA, Nigeria, Brazil, and Haiti. He has been funded by agencies including the US NIH, AHRQ, Department of Veteran Affairs, New York State and City Health Department, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ministry of Health, Brazil, Indian Council of Medical Research, Government of India, and several other private foundations and industries.



Arun Keepanasseril, MDS, MSc

Project Manager, Canadian Hemophilia Assessment and Resource Management System (CHARMS), McMaster University, Canada


Arun Keepanasseril is an eHealth specialist with a background in life sciences, specializing in knowledge reviews and advanced e-applications in hemophilia/bleeding disorders.



Allan McDougall, MA, PhD

Research Associate, Research Unit of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada, Canada

Research Focus

Allan McDougall is currently developing a research program on gamification in post-graduate medical education. He is particularly interested in medical education, professionalism, and qualitative methods.


Dr. McDouglall is a qualitative researcher specializing in medical education and health care teamwork. He has taught and written on qualitative research methods, especially qualitative data analysis software.



Ilaria Montagni, PhD

Junior Researcher, Centre de Recherche Inserm - Université de Bordeaux U1219, France

Research Focus

Ilaria Montagni's focus includes digital health literacy, Internet and mental health, and Health communication theories and practices.


Dr. Montagni has a PhD in epidemiology for psychiatry and psychology. She has expertise in communication in mental health and translational research for psychiatry and psychology and in Web knowledge brokering and policies for mental health.